How To Get Shirt Off In NBA 2K22 | Remove Shirt Easily

Here's how to go shirtless in NBA 2K22.

The Shirt Off Torso look is a cosmetic that is always sought after player-base. In this guide, I will show you how you can get the Shirt Off Option in NBA 2K22 for the Current-Gen and NextGen.

How to Go Shirtless in NBA 2K22

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On the Current-Gen, you will have to go to the Cancha Del Mar building. From there you will have to go to the top of the building being the 16th floor and you will have to enter the MOAT. Once you reach over the walk all the way to the back and there will be a Woman NPC in a Red Shirt. You will have to talk to her. After talking she will give a task to complete which is called “DON’T FORGET SUNSCREEN”. The challenge is basically to win 5 Park games in row 5 different times and the reward is to have the Shirt Off Ability. The challenge can be done by playing 2v2 or 3v3 games or even a mix of both.

For the NextGen, you will have to go to your Quests tab and under it go to City Quests. Under City Quests, if there is Quest by ATM you must complete his Quests. At one point you will get the Quest of “TAKE YOUR SHIRT OFF”. This is the Quest where you will be granted the Shirt OFF Ability. To complete the Quest you must be able to complete 25 games of 2v2 in any Affiliation. Here winning or losing doesn’t matter you have to just complete 25 games. Once completed you will have the ability.

Things to Keep in Mind

For the NextGen, the Quest may not be there as a patch was rolled out which removed the Shirt Off Ability. You could try doing the Current-Gen Method but as of now, it may not be available. For the Current-Gen, I would suggest keeping track of your Quest as certain wins may or may not count towards it. Don’t worry as they are easy missions.

This was all about the Shirt Off Ability in NBA 2K22. Hopefully, this guide has helped y’all in getting the Shirt Off to show off your MyPLAYER’s body and tattoos. You can also check our guides on the Skateboard and Fixing the 6f8ce31b Error Code in NBA 2K22.