How To Get RAP In Pet Simulator X

Do this to get RAP in the Roblox Pet Simulator X and get your name on the leaderboard.

Pet Simulator X RAP stands for Recent Auction Prices, allowing players to see how valuable a pet is. Simply put, RAP is a pet’s average market sale rate decided by an in-game auction. The RAP is denoted with Gems; the higher the Gems, the more you can demand while trading. If you are wondering how to get RAP in Pet Simulator X, read along to learn the answer.

How to Get RAP Fast in Pet Simulator X

Get RAP Fast in Pet Simulator X

To get your name in the RAP leaderboard, you must auction Huge and Titanic pets. Every time a pet is sold and purchased through an auction, it affects the RAP. Since the feature is new at the time of writing, there are only Huge and Titanic pets whose RAP is recorded, but it might change in the future. And new features might get added to it with time, but for now, you do this to auction pets in Pet Simulator X and earn RAP.

  • Launch the Pet Simulator X.
  • Climb the ladders with the red carpet and get to the Trading Plaza.
  • Trading Plaza needs to be unlocked with 1,000,000 Diamonds. If you are short on it, use our codes to redeem some Diamonds.
  • Look for an empty auction booth to place your Pets. Go there and press E.
  • Tap on the plus sign to show you the list of pets you own.
  • Select them and enter the number of Diamonds you want them to sell for.
  • Then press Sell! And wait for someone to purchase it.
  • Once you have collected many Diamonds, check other booths and purchase pets with RAP.
  • Keep on trading till you reach the RAP rank you desire.

That’s all you need to know about the RAP and do to get it in Roblox Pet Simulator X. If you found this guide informative and are looking for more Pet Simulator X guides, then read how to use Boosts and get good pets.

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