How To Get Pistol In Doom Eternal

By Raaj
3 Min Read

If you think this is a clickbait title then you are missing all the fun. Doom Eternal has a pistol, and it cannot be unlocked in the game. To do that you will need to use a Cheat Engine. The developer had kept an awesome pistol hidden in Doom Eternal. Dave Oshry senior director at developer RocketWerkz, found the pistol and tweeted it first. So if you are looking forward to trying a handgun to slay some demons then here is how you can unlock Pistol in Doom Eternal.

How to unlock Pistol in Doom Eternal?

As per the tweet to unlock Pistol in Doom Eternal, you will have to use Cheat Engine software. After installing this tool you will be able to access Doom Eternal Developer Console. There are two steps in getting a pistol in Doom Eternal.

  1. Download and install Cheat Engine
  2. You will need to download a .ct file. Visit the Youtube video below and check the description.
  3. Download the file and save it somewhere on the desktop.
  4. Launch Doom Eternal, wait for the Menu and then press Alt + Tab to open desktop.
  5. Launch Cheat Engine and click the tiny PC icon to see the current process.
  6. Open the file in Cheat Engine and then click on a tiny PC icon on the top left for current processes. Select Doom Eternal.
  7. After selecting Doom Eternal go to the lower tab, and add a tick on two top items they are
    • Unrestrict Console Commands / CVars & Bind
    • Add ‘noclip’ & ‘notarget’ Commands.
  8. Press Alt + Tab and return back to Doom Eternal Game. Just click on Ok for any message.
  9. Select Campaign and choose your Save Slot. In short start the game.
  10. Press Esc that will launch a command-line interface, type the following two codes.
    • g_enablePistol1
    • give weapon/player/pistol

That’s it you will unlock a Pistol instantly on Doom Eternal, you can directly use it without trying to locate in some mission. An instant cheats to unlock the pistol in Doom Eternal. Watch the video below to download the file and steps.

This breaks the notion that Doom Eternal is all about big guns. But no there is a handgun and it is just awesome. It does require to you do some major changes but it is worth trying out. Check our Doom Eternal Wiki guides for more updates on the game.