How To Get Persona 5 Royal Legacy DLC Bundle For Free

After 100 hours of gameplay there is still more to come

Persona 5 Royal has a ton of more content when compared to the original Persona 5, and you will spend more than 100 hours in the main storyline. But the game doesn’t end there as the developers of Atlus added DLC content which allowed you even more things. This guide will show you how to get the Persona 5 Royal DLC for free.

How To Get Persona 5 Royal Legacy DLC Bundle?

If you count all the content that has been included in the Legacy DLC Bundle for Persona 5 Royal, it will set you back about $70 that is on top of the $60 price of the game.

  • To get the Legacy Bundle DLC for free all you have to do is open up the PlayStation Store on your PS4 console and search for Persona 5 Royal.
  • Once you get to Persona 5 Royal’s page, you will need to get down to the purchase button and then go to the right side where you can see the thumbs up button, besides it, there will be a button called Add Ons.
  • Select this option and it will take you to all the DLC that is available for Persona 5 Royal. You should be able to see around 11 DLCs. Scroll further until you see “Legacy DLC Bundle”.

This is the one that you are looking for, simply purchase it, it will be free and you will get the additional DLC content. DLC content brings new content to the already vast game and this makes the game even more enjoyable. Make sure that you download this DLC at the soonest and use the new content in the game.

What is in Persona 5 Royal Legacy DLC Bundle?

Legacy DLC Bundles includes outfits for character from previous Persona games. It contains all additional content from the original Persona 5.

This is all there is to know about how to get Persona 5 Royal Legacy DLC Bundle for free, make sure that you check out other guides on Persona 5 Royal right here.