How To farm Orbs Fast In Dauntless

Find the most effective way to get orbs fast

Finding Orbs in Dauntless is important because it helps to upgrade weapons and armors in the game. There are a different kind of orbs in Dauntless and it can a tiring job if you have to scan every nook and corner and still you are unable to get enough of them. In this How to Farm Orbs in Dauntless guide, I will show you an easy method to get different types of orbs easily. Still, it requires some efforts to find them but if you know where to search then it is a time saver.

How To Farm Orbs

Play and complete special missions Patrols, that will help you to get orbs in Dauntless. In this mission you will be facing a Behemoth, it is random there is no specific info whether which one you will fight in which Patrol just pick one and jump in the arena. If you are able to make your way all the way through Six Patrols then you earn +10 orbs. Utilize them for crafting and upgrade your gears and weapons. You can find Blaze, Frost, Neutral, Shock and Terra Orbs.

Patrols can be tough missions so it best to get some help. The good thing about Dauntless is it a cross-platform game, so you can call upon your friend to help you irrespective to their platform they are using to play the game. Keep playing Patrols to get a higher amount of orbs and get the best out of your load outs. A second way to farm Orbs is focusing on the Quest, this will also help you to earn some good amount of Orbs.

You can craft Supplies, Weapons, Armor, and Lanterns in Dauntless. There are four different characters that unlock crafting for every category. Below is a small list of info on crafting that will help you in Dauntless.

  • Supplies – Talk to Markus Boehr: You can craft Tonics, Pylons, Grenades, etc.
  • Weapons – Talk to Wils Bormen: You can craft various weapon types like axe, blades, hammer, etc with damage type, elemental type, exotic weapons, etc.
  • Armour – Talk to Moyra Heigsketter: You can craft armor sets, exotics, etc.
  • Lanterns – Talk to Arkan Drew: You can craft rechargeable gears that can be used during combat.