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How to farm Likes in Death Stranding

Get more Likes

In Death Stranding Likes are in-game currency. When you complete a objective like a successful delivery you will get some likes. You will also get likes for helping others like placing a ladder, or a sign, etc. But yet it is unclear what Likes will be used for, overall it is necessary to level to some extent. You will see after completing an delivery the next menu shows Likes and a star where you will be rated on Porter Grade. Read more below how to farm likes in Death Stranding.

How to get more Likes

Death Stranding world seems like highly influenced with social media, the more likes you are the more popular you will be. There are many ways to get likes in Death Stranding below is a short list.

  1. Complete Deliveries.
  2. Return Lost Cargo.
  3. Avoid minimum Damage to Cargo.
  4. Take minimum time to delivery.
  5. Help NPC’s.
  6. Help other players by placing ladders, ropes, warning signs, etc.

By default there are many ways to get likes in Death Stranding, but to increase your chances of getting higher Likes you have to level up. After every delivery you will see a few points are added to your Porter Grade. This include Bridger Link, Delivery Time, Delivery Volume, Cargo Condition and Miscellaneous. When you level up you will increase your chances of getting more likes.

On your Delivery route help other players in retrieving lost cargo, this will take a little more time but it will work. Also setup PCC boxes to help other, donate weapons, etc. When you find danger places like deep water, steep slope, BT’s, Mule Trap, add a warning. This will help other players to be aware of the place and they will share likes with you.

You can also improve other players objects by donating your resources, this will help you to get more likes, but this will be available in later stages. Focus on the main story when you are able to establish most of the Bridges Link you will already grab a good level in Death Stranding. Reading mails through Terminals in private room, escaping BT’s or killing them, etc will also help you to get some likes.