How to Get Items Quickly In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Fast and efficient ways to get items in your catalog

For players of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, decorating the islands beautifully is very important. There are a few ways you can do this. The controversial technique of time travel is one of them but it’s mostly a bad idea to do so. But that doesn’t mean that there’s no way to acquire items at a faster speed! This guide will show you the best ways to get items to decorate your island quickly.

Best Way to Get Items in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Simply put, you can get new items in your catalog for purchase through community catalog trading events. Through such events, it becomes easier to add more items to your catalog, especially those that you might need fast.

Here’s how to host a catalog trading event on your island:

  • Set up a trading area (with fences to separate trading sections) where everyone can put their own items
  • Drop your items in your area
  • Once all your items are dropped, you can visit the neighboring areas to check out the items dropped by other players
  • If there’s something you want to get, just pick it up and drop it back
  • Make sure to pick up one item at a time
  • Don’t take too long while doing this
  • Once the trading is done, everyone can end the trading session together

That’s it! This process will add the item to your catalog which you can now purchase.
Keep checking out more and more items, picking and dropping them as you go.

Catalog Trading Event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The community catalog trading event is a great way to get new items or variations of your owned items. Plus, you can grow your community and make new friends as well. But be careful because if someone enters your event with ulterior motives of running off with your items, there’s a high chance that they will be successful. You can still repurchase these items though, since they will be in your catalog.

Buy and Sell Items on Nookazon

There’s one more way to get items apart from catalog trading events and that’s through Nookazon which is essentially the Amazon of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. On Nookazon, players can list the items they own, be it clothing, furniture, crafting items, flowers and even villagers! They can sell items for Bells, Nook Miles or something else of equal value. Nookazon makes it super simple to contact the seller on discord and arrange the pick up or drop of item. It basically functions as a marketplace for dedicated players of New Horizons.

If it’s a villager’s last day on your island and they’re considering moving out – you can even trade them so that they end up on some other player’s island.

So, this is how you can acquire new items to decorate your island quickly and efficiently. Want more helpful guides? Check out our guides on Animal Crossing New Horizons!