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How To Get Hydra In Diablo 4 (Sorcerer)

This is how you can summon Hydras as a Sorcerer in Diablo IV.

One of the best things about playing as a Sorcerer is that you can attack from a distance, while your summons do a lot of the attacking for you. If you want to make an OP Sorcerer/Sorcereress build, you will need to know how to get Hydra (or even 2x Hydra) in Diablo 4. This guide will show you how to make it happen.

How to Get Hydra Summon in Diablo 4

  • Once you have chosen the Sorcerer class, you need to keep playing the game, kill enemies, complete in-game events and earn Skill Points.
  • Spend those skill points on Basic skills first and then move to Core Skills. This will unlock Defensive Skills – pick the ones you prefer.
  • Finally, you will come to Conjuration which is where you can unlock the 3-headed Hydra.
how to get hydra summon conjuration diablo 4
Original image credit: Worthy Prince on Youtube

This summon will spit fire at enemies, even attacking them from afar. This will warn you about off-screen enemies that are incoming to your position. To level up the power and damage, spend a point on Enhanced Hydra which will allow your Hydra to gain one extra head. As you will see in the Hydra pop-up, you can have a maximum of 2 active Hydras at a time.

How to Get 2 Hydras to Double the Damage

As explained by Youtuber Worthy Prince, if you find a weapon (for example, the Serpentine Seer’s Legendary Staff) that allows you to have 1 additional Hydra active, you can unleash the 8-headed monstrosity at enemies and clear them faster than usual.

Pair this up with a Blizzard (or an Enhanced Blizzard), ranked up lightning, frost, or fire abilities, and you can stop enemies in their tracks while the Hydra burns them down.

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