How to get Heirlooms In Apex Legends Season 5

Here is an guide on how to get this rare cosmetic

Heirlooms are rare type cosmetic in Apex Legends, they do not have any major impact on the gameplay, but you can get some unique thing out of it. Heirlooks were introduced long back in Apex Legend limited to Wraith only. But Season 5 expanded this feature to other Legends, so in this season you might stumble upon heirlooms set for Bloodhound, Lifeline and Pathfinder.

How to find Heirlooms in Apex Legends Season 5?

Apex Legends Season 5 Heirloom

Based on a leak, Mirage is the most recent one to get Heirloom in Apex Legends Season 5. Based on the video by loot games, Mirage will be getting a new Melee skin or a Melee weapon in this season. We are getting a Mirage heirloom next in Season 5 which is coded as a Statue. This refers to the toy figure he plays in the trailers.

There are possibilities of getting a new emote, finisher, or skin the heirloom set this season. But this is just based on the video and yet nothing much came out. Neither any Apex Player had reported of finding heirlooms yet in Season 5. It was common in the previous season allowing players to unlock some cool game assets.

Tips to fast farm Heirlooms in Apex Legends Season 5?

To unlock the rare cosmetics you will need heirloom shards. Before Heirloom’s sets were available via stores, it changed from March. Heirloom shards are rare, and it is not that easy to grab. And to unlock one set you might need around 50 shards. But this is unclear and there can be major changes in this. If you are looking to find Heirlooms a lot of exploration is required.

You will have to scan the Cosmetic Apex Packs to find the Heirloom pack. Apex packs are paid, and if you had purchased the battle pass you will get a few in the first 20 levels.

Apex Legends Season 5 Heirloom Shards

Through Apex Stores you can buy Apex Packs, and based on an estimate there is a chance of getting 1 guaranteed Heirloom in Apex Legend for every 500 Apex Packs. This makes it super rare, but it is also random. This is just speculation if you are lucky you might get Heirlooms in Apex Legends just by unpacking a few Apex Packs.