MW2 How To Get Headshots? (Aim Assist Tricks)

Getting a perfect headshot all the time requires a lot of practice. But what if I told you Modern Warfare 2 has some secret settings to improve aiming?

One-bullet kill or two-bullet kill is a way to progress fast in COD Modern Warfare 2. If you watch the MW2 gameplay videos by pro players, they have perfect aim. Without spraying bullets on enemies, they always try to get the head. This is what makes you more competent in the game. MW2 has some settings, perks, and loadout that can favor aim assist. This guide has everything on how to get maximum headshots in MW2.

MW2 Headshot Guide – How to Improve Aiming?

MW2 Headshot Guide

Go to Modern Warfare Controller Settings and click on Advance. Set the Aim Assist type as Black Ops. By applying the settings, the aim will slow down for a fraction of a second. Move the gun to the head and shoot. You will need some practice with the settings, or else you will hardly notice the difference. Reducing weapon recoil contributes a lot to getting a perfect headshot. Work on loadouts that reduce the impact of weapon movement and down both.

One of the perks that will work in your favor is Focus. It reduces the flinch when you are aiming down. It also extends the Breath duration, which also impacts the movement of the weapon while seeking from a distance. Other important factors that will improve aiming are Mouse and ADS Sensitivity. The goal here is to get perfect settings that will let you quickly see around. Without moving the weapon up and down much, there should be a straight line in movement.

Settings are there only to boost accuracy, you will have to practice this a lot. If you are moving your weapons a lot, then your bullet will target mostly the legs and torso. Some players use third-person mode so that they can get a more visible area. Here are some quick methods to reduce recoil and improve headshot kill in MW2.

  • Grips can reduce recoils and add stable speed while moving.
  • You can tune attachments in Gunsmith 2.0 and set the weapons function towards reducing ADS and Recoil.
  • Increase FOV to the max, to get a more visible area. The con of these settings is they cause issues with ADS.
  • From getting Settings under Camera set First Person Camera to 50%.

A lot relies on attachments, you have to work on finding the best possible attachments that unlock as you level up. To understand this you can check our guide on the best M4 Loadout. And for more similar guides visit COD MW2 Wiki Guide.