How to Get Guardian Game Medals In Destiny 2

By Raaj
5 Min Read

Here is a guide on how to earn guardian game medals in Destiny 2. A seasoned event where you will compete with other Guardians in a battle of collecting guardian medals. The question is how do you earn medals? what are the different rewards each medal unlocks? And what is the best way to farm medals in Destiny 2?

This guide will answer all your questions, including the area of focus. Guardian Game Medals is a daily event, where after talking to an NPC you will have to grab six medals in a day. They come in Gold, Silver, and Bronze. To collect the medals you have to visit a location or face other Guardians in particular game modes. The goal is to fight for each medal, the difficulty level relies on the kind of medal you are trying to get. So let’s begin with Destiny 2 Guardian Medal guide.

How to win Guardian Medals in Destiny 2?

Meet Eva Levante, an NPC who deals with the objectives that unlock Guardian Medals. You can unlock daily medal challenges by visiting Eva. After collecting the medal deposit them at the Guardian Game podium to improve your class ratings.

The difficulty level changes depending on the type of medals. For example objectives with Gold, Medal reward are tougher compared to Silver, and Bronze will be easy to grab. Her is a short overview of the kind of difficulties you will face while playing for the medal events.

  • Bronze: Defeat around 70 to 75 enemies on any planet.
  • Silver: Get around 500 points worth of Laurels from any locations.
  • Gold: Defeat 300 enemies on any location.

To play sliver level difficulty of an objective you will have to complete Bronze first, and the same goes for the Gold. The first one is On your Laurels, the objective is to gather Laurel points Crucible, Gambit, and Strike’s objectives also have medal sets are a reward, do check the description properly to understand. Your objective to hunt down Guardian medal begins as soon as you visit Eva. Follow the mission marker to start playing.

Bounties also reward Gold Medal, there are weekly bounties in the game. It can be unlocked with 4 Points, Dailies cost 2 Points, and repeatable cost 1 point. Now you are able to figure how really you can gran Guardian Medals in Destiny 2. Return to the tower and deposit into the Guardian game monument.

What are the rewards I can earn from Guardian Games?

Every medal will reward you with loot. The loot quality relies on the type of medal you are depositing. Bronze brings low-end reward, sliver mid, and gold has the best loots. To give you an idea below are the kind of rewards you can unlock by depositing different types of medals.

  1. Bronze: Random Blue gear or Glimmer.
  2. Sliver: Random Legendary Purple Gear or Blue Gear or Glimmer.
  3. Gold: Random upgrade material,  Legendary Purple Gear or Blue Gear or Glimmer.

Every medal has a point value like Gold has 4, Sliver has 2, and Bronze has 1. With 25 points you can unlock Pinnacle reward. Each medal will help you to improve your character level, you can unlock some cool upgrades and gears in Destiny 2 by playing Guardian Games. If you are playing this seriously and able to grab a high amount of Guardian medals you will unlock Pinnacle Gear. These are above 1000 Power cap.

So keep playing the Guardian games and unlock new medals, a few weeks of time is require to collect everything and grab the sweet loot.