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How To Get Gold Rank In Valorant?

Do you have what it takes to rank up?

Valorant is a 5v5 character based tactical shooter by Riot Games. It has a competitive ranked mode which is perfect for players who want to reach higher ranks and earn bragging rights. In this guide, we will tell you how to get gold rank in Valorant. Know that your rank in closed beta will not be carried over to the final release to make sure that it’s a level playing field for everyone. So, without further ado, let’s see how to get gold rank in Valorant fast.

Valorant Gold Rank Unlock Guide


When you complete 20 unrated matches you will be able to unlock competitive mode. You must complete 5 placement matches in order to get ranked. Your rank will depend on how you fare in those matches.

What are the Ranks?

There are eight levels of rank namely iron, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, immortal and the highest one – the Valorant rank. These are divided into three tiers.


How To Rank Up?

The answer is simple – just win games. To get the honor of higher ranks, winning games is the only requirement. If you keep losing, your rank will suffer. But if you keep winning, you rank will increase quickly. Good performance and doing your very best will also take you a long way if you want to rank up in Valorant. Decisive games where you end up winning more rounds than your opponents will have a huge impact on your ranking. If you have extremely close matches, they will also affect your rank but it will be smaller.

If your performance falls if compared to previous matches, the game will know and will shift your rank accordingly. As you keep playing and sharpening your skills, the game will give higher priority to wins and not personal performance.


Of course, if you already have good practice by playing the closed beta, you will know exactly how to rank up in the final release as well.

How To Reach Gold Rank in Valorant?

The gold rank is the fourth rank in Valorant. It is divided in three stages. Here’s what you can do to rank up in Valorant.

  • Improve your aim. This one is obvious but extremely essential to become a better player. Also, find out more about the best guns in Valorant including top rifles,pistols, machine guns and more.
  • Don’t solo queue in ranked. Instead, find five friends to play with or five people from a Valorant Discord before queuing. Since working with a team to ensure a round-winning play is needed, it’s best if you find people who have the same goals as you.
  • Make sure the agents are well-picked for the team. Check out our guide on the best agents to play with in Valorant.

Hidden MMR in Valorant?

It is being speculated that Valorant’s matching involves the hidden MMR system (hidden matchmaking rating system). This has not been officially confirmed although Riot Games’ other big game, League of Legends has this, so the speculation wouldn’t be too far off. Basically, your performance and frequency of playing the casual mode will be calculated and it will impact your placement in the ranks so it’s best to take that into consideration before you begin playing Valorant.

So this is everything we know about ranking up in Valorant and getting the gold rank. For more Valorant tips and tricks to become a kickass player, check out our Valorant guides.