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How to Get the Frying Pan in Mordhau

Unlock, Equip and Use Frying Pan

Mordhau a game set in medieval times lets you take on the roles of warriors of the past and get ready for battle, the game has been a hit since its release in late April 2019 and this guide will show you how to get the frying pan in Mordhau. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Mordhau strategy guide.

How to Get the Frying Pan in Mordhau

While the frying pan never made it as a legendary weapon and has absolutely no mention in history books as something that was waged in war, it is nice to see developers add fun little elements in their game to make it stand apart from the rest.

While this inclusion of frying pan in the game is more like a joke, it is certainly a pretty effective weapon in battle. To be able to get the frying pan in the game you will have to first equip the Peasant Perk.

frying pan in mordhau

How to Equip the Pan

As you equip this perk, it will take away all your armor and make you into a medieval peasant instead. The downside is that you will certainly lose all your weapons and armor and only get a certain number of weapons that you can use.

Mainly weapons that peasants wielded during those times and a frying pan is one of these items. The upside to this is that you can carry up to 3 pans at the same time which means you can also throw and hit your enemies instead of just bashing their heads when you get closer.

A fun and exciting feature in the game which brings a different perspective and a fresh outlook.

Mordhau is available exclusively on PC.

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