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Minecraft – How To Get Froglights

Learn how to get Froglights, the latest Light source block to come to Minecraft from this guide.

Minecraft had just received the 1.18 Update and the new 1.19 Update has been announced. In this update, Mojang will be revamping the Swamp Biomes of Minecraft. With this update, a lot of new Blocks, Plants, Mobs, etc are coming as well as new Game Mechanics. One such block that is in the BETA is the Froglight Block. In the Bedrock BETA version, the new Froglight Block was introduced. It is the newest Light Source Block which will be coming with the Swamp Update in Minecraft. In today’s guide, I will show you how to get the Froglight Block in Minecraft.

How to Get Froglights in Minecraft

froglights in minecraft

As of this article, the Froglight Block is only available on the Bedrock BETA versions of Minecraft. Java Edition doesn’t have but it may be arriving on a later Snapshot. The Froglight block is a Light Source Block in Minecraft that emits a Light Level of 15. It is also a Solid Block which makes it useful in Redstone and also the player will suffocate in the Block. There are 3 variants of this Block, They are:

  • Ochre Froglight Block.
  • Pearlescent Froglight Block.
  • Verdant Froglight Block.

Each of the variants can be obtained through Frogs. There is a Game Mechanic where on consuming the smallest Slime child, the Frog Mob will consume the Slime and drop Slimeballs. Well if the Slime was replaced by a Magma Cube, then the Frog will drop a Froglight. Here is how you can get each of the Froglight variants.

  • Swamp Frog (Orange) eating a Magma Cube will give an Ochre Froglight Block (Yellow) in Minecraft.
  • Tropical Frog (White) eating a Magma Cube will give a Pearlescent Froglight Block (Purple).
  • Snowy Frog (Green) eating a Magma Cube will give a Verdant Froglight Block (Green).

The best way to Farm Froglight Blocks in Minecraft is by making a Chamber of Frogs of each type surrounding a Magma Cube Spawner. A Magma Cube Spawner usually spawns in Bastion Remenants which is the Nether Dimension. The other option is to make that Chamber in the Basalt Biome in the Nether but that is too unreliable as the Magma Cube spawns are rare.

This was all about getting Froglights in Minecraft. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our other guides like List Of All New Mobs In Minecraft 1.19 UpdateMinecraft Frogs: 1.19 The Wild Mangrove And Swamp Biome Update.