How to Get free Health & Ammo in Zombie Army 4 Dead War

By Raaj
3 Min Read

Want free healths and ammo instantly in Zombie Army 4 Dead War? Here is what you have to do, Zombie Army 4 Dead War is all about combos, the more zombies you kill the more XP you will be rewarded with additional bonuses. One of the most basic things Melee Takedowns in the Zombie Army 4 Dead War can reward you with free health and ammo. Along with this, you will also get additional temporary health that will play a big role in your survival. So here is how you grab health and ammo in Zombie Army 4 Dead War using Melee Takedown.

How to get free Health & Ammo in Zombie Army 4 Dead War

After killing 10 zombies in a line you will get an option to perform Melee Takedown. So when you see a group of zombies in your way try to kill maximum leaving one aside so that you can perform Melee Takedown in Zombie Army 4. This will reward you with health and ammo. As well as you will gain additional temporary health for a short while.

Kill 10 zombies in a line and then run near any zombie. You will see a skull icon over his head, which means the zombie is ready for a melee takedowns. You have to run behind that zombie and press X to perform the takedown. To find out whether you got 10 kills to look on the right of the screen. With each kill, the number will be displayed and after 10 you will have to hunt down one single zombie to perform Melee Takeodwn in Zombie Army 4 dead war.

One of the best things about Melee Takedowns is that it will increase your health bar to upto 10 to 15% more but it will not stay like that. The Health bar will shrink back to normal, you can take extreme measure using that extra chunk of health. Also, look around in safe houses for medkits and ammo crates before you proceed to your next mission.