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How To Get Free Apex Legends Revenant Gilded Rose Skin

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Apex Legends Season 4 brought a new legend Revenant in the picture. This lethal robot was a human before, driven by vengeance the character brings an outstanding mixture of power and agility. If you are looking for some free Apex Legends skins there is a guide for you. Here you can find how to get Apex Legends Revenant Gilded Rose Skin for free and remember this is a limited offer with only one condition.

How to get unlock Apex Legends Revenant Gilded Rose Skin for free?

Revenant Gilded Rose Skin is a free reward for Twitch Prime users. The skin is free till March 19, 2020. So there is still time to grab the Apex Legends Revenant Gilded Rose Skin for free. For this visit Apex Legends Twitch Prime Page. If you are not a Twitch Prime user then you cannot grab the offers. On the page, you will see the offer with over 12 Content drops that are available in Apex Legends for PC, PS4, OR XBOX ONE.

Along with Revenant Gilded Rose Skin, Twitch Prime users can also grab Geometric Anomaly skin for Caustic and there is still more to come. Among the total 12 Content drops two are rewarded for free and more are coming up in the month of March.

How to get Twitch Prime for free?

There are two ways to get Twitch Prime for free, one is for a limited time and another one if you are having an Amazon Prime membership. You can get Twitch Prime for free by activating the trail and testing out its complete features. Once you are happy you can buy a package, and if you are an Amazon Prime user you can still claim it. But Twitch prime is not active globally there are few countries that are not under its list.

Twitch Prime is available in US, Mexico, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Japan, Singapore, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, United Kingdom or Australia. Click here to know more.