How to Get Four-Leaf Clover Without Crystal Skates in Temtem

Prasad More
3 Min Read

Temtem is picking up the pace and this Pokemon-like game is steadily gathering a lot of players, there are tons of quests and items in Temtem for players to choose from and one of the items if the four-leaf clover gives you an enhanced ability to catch more Temtem. This guide will show you how to get four-leaf clover without crystal skates.

How to Get Four-Leaf Clover Without Crystal Skates in Temtem

If you have already reached the third island in Temtem, then it will be impossible for you to go back and get the crystal skates which are important to get the Four-Leaf Clover.

This Four-Leaf clover works similarly like in the myths and grants you an additional buff and an increasing better chance of capturing a Temtem. This item gets more and more important as you progress in Temtem.

There are a total of two ways in which you can get the Four-Leaf Clover without the Crystal Skates, one is a glitch which might or might not work. This glitch allows you to glide on the red crystals which is impossible to travel through without the crystal skates.

In the video below you can check out how to get this right, though it depends on hitting the right part of the path which can be incredibly difficult.

The other method involves another player though. You will need someone who has the Crystal Skates and they will need to host a co-op session. Once you are in their world you can easily get the crystal skates and this will make sure that you get your pair and not miss out on it.

To find the skates you will have to go to Aguamarina Caves and grab the Flur-Leaf clover from all the way behind the red crystal path.

This is all there is to know about how to get Four-Leaf clover in Temtem without Crystal Skates. Check our other guides and tricks for Temtem only on Gamer Tweak.