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How To Get Energy, Food, Cosmite & Knowledge In Age of Wonders Planetfall

The complete resources guide

In Age of Wonders Planetfall players will have to acquire five resources to build a controlled colony, you have to continuously harvest five resources and use them to keep your colony strong. In this Age of Wonders Planetfall resources guide you will learn how to harvest Energy, Knowledge, Production, Food & Cosmite and where to use these resources. Some are necessary while some are obtained through different activities.

How To Get Energy In Age of Wonders Planetfall


Energy is a vital resource in Age of Wonders Planetfall, almost for every action, you will need Energy. Energy is required to build Unites and Buildings, also it is used to maintain the units, and perform different operations required to modify units. Whenever you perform certain actions Energy is used,  so it is important to keep an eye on the Energy Pool.

You can get Energy from Colonies, you can trade the resource and found more from nodes and pickups on the map. So keep exploring and locate the nodes. Keep the Energy pool filled up because it is the universal currency in the game and it will be required to do almost everything. Energy is consumed in Production, maintenance of units, building colony structures, unit modules, and operations.

How To Get Food In Age of Wonders Planetfall


Food can help you to grow your colony, if you are having a population in the Colony then you will need food to keep them alive. Food is a kind of strength for the colony and also it helps in production. A develop colony will be able to produce more food. Food also impacts the rate of colony growth. To find the amount of food required, select the colony and then in the window, you will see the number of resources generated by the colonist. Hover over and you will get details on the amount of food required. Collect enough food and a new colonist will appear. You have to repeat this till you get 28 colonists.

One of the drawbacks of low food production is your colony can starve, so avoid negative food ratio. Food is key to colony growth and you can use Food sharing option to prevent low food supply.

How To Get Cosmite In Age of Wonders Planetfall


Cosmite is a rare resource and it will be used to produce new units. Also, you cannot modify any unit without Cosmite. It is also required to maintain Tier IV units, so the production of Cosmite is necessary and it is done through harvesting special deposits of materials scattered on the map. Scan the map nodes and crates to find Cosmite in Age of Wonders Planetfall. Use it to advance nits and unit modules.

How To Get Knowledge In Age of Wonders Planetfall

Knowledge in Age of Wonders Planetfall is required for technological development. Without enough knowledge, you cannot create new technologies. You cannot unlock new units and buildings without having enough Knowledge resource. But don’t worry it is not that hard to harvest, Knowledge comes in regular supply from Colonies and current research. You have to build scientific institutions on the registered sectors to harvest knowledge.


How To Get Production In Age of Wonders Planetfall

Production is produced by a colony depending on its needs. Production relies on the time taken by a colony to produce something, so there is no necessity to harvest or to locate it somewhere. You can change or delete a production when they are active and you will lose some points.

It is necessary to keep a close watch on harvesting enough resources in Age of Wonders Planetfall because the growth of your colony relies on it. Always try having enough resources in your inventory, so that you can produce more unites and build new buildings. This will also boost the morale of soldiers, if you are not having enough it will also fall. Low morale means weaker soldiers. After having enough energy, use them regularly to complete production.