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How to Get Drone Ammo in Surge 2

Close combat is one of the key elements of Surge 2 but there will be times where you will want to have a ranged attack and this is where a drone comes in handy, but to use a drone you will need drone ammo and this guide will show you how to get drone ammo in Surge 2.

How to Get Drone Ammo in Surge 2

In order to use the drone, you will need to get the drone and for that, you will have to defeat Warden Garcia and get it. Once you have the drone you will start seeing a number beside the drone which shows the amount of ammo remaining.

To get ammo drones regularly try executing finishing moves as much as you can, alternatively, you can find merchants and purchase drone ammo in exchange for scraps.

Medbays is another way where you can restock all the drone ammo depleted. This is all there is to know about how to get drone ammo fast and early in the game.

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The Surge 2 has some fascinating elements to it, with a high octane action and a good storyline you will be exploring Jericho City as you progress in the game. Surge 2 is developed by Deck13 and is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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