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How To Get Discord On PS5? (2023)

Can you get & use Discord on your PS5? Here's all you need to know.

The PlayStation x Discord integration has finally happened and it was highly anticipated by the community. Now that this partnership is ready to go, how to get Discord on PS5? Here are the answers you are looking for.


How to Get Discord on PS5?

While there are plenty of apps you can download on your PlayStation 5, unfortunately, Discord is not one of them. There is no official Discord app available for this console. Through the Discord x PS integration, what you can do is connect Discord to your PS5 so that your friends can see your gaming activity. We’ve covered how to connect your Discord with your PSN account right here, so be sure to check it out.

Apart from showing your game activity, you can also show your PSN ID on your Discord account because this is how your Discord friends can add you. So, if you see someone displaying their PlayStation Network ID, you can initiate a fun gaming session with them whenever they are online.

Unfortunately, these are the only features that you can get via this partnership. Maybe it will expand in the future where this collab becomes more ‘social’ but then again, there are downsides to that too. Discord is at the top when it comes to voice chat and text communication between gamers and hopefully, the team can add more features for PS4 and PS5 including voice calling.


If you are curious to know whether the Discord website opens on PS5 or not, then the answer is that you can access Discord on PS5. For that, you have to do the following:

  • Press the PS button on the controller.
  • Select Game Base.
  • Find a friend to send a message to.
  • Type Discord.com in a message and press send. It will then turn into a link that you can click.
  • On the web page, log into your Discord account.
  • You will see all your Discord friends and send a message to them with the help of your controller.
  • Note that you cannot call them via Discord though and personally, sending a message through this process was a hassle. But if that’s okay for you, then you can certainly chat with your friends with this method.

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So, that’s basically the current way to ‘get’ Discord on PS5. For more related to Discord and PS, stay with Gamer Tweak!