AFK Journey: How To Get Confining Spell

Complete this quest and obtain the most powerful Artifact Confining Spell in AFK Journey.

Among all the six Artifacts of the spiritual power, Confining Spell in AFK Journey is an all-rounder, useful in Arena, Battle Drills, Legend Trial, AFK Stages, and so on. It wouldn’t be wrong to claim that this is the best Artifact of the game, the S tier. The only spell rivaling it is Starshard, which is also advantageous in almost all game modes.

While there are many ways to collect Confining Echo Shards, there are only two ways to obtain and activate the spell. Are you curious to know what they are and where to find them in Esperia? Here’s a detailed guide about that.

When Do You Unlock Confining Spell in the Main Story of AFK Journey?

Unlock Confining Spell in Main Story of AFK Journey
Activate Confining Spell from Artifacts in AFK Journey (Image Credit: JEJIGAEMING on YouTube)

The Confining Spell is a reward for the quest “Deer Spirit Blessing.” You can get this quest in Vaduso Mountains 4 at AFK Stage 545 and Resonance level 120.

  • As you journey across the forest, following the guiding light, you will unlock an area called Ivoryshade.
  • You have to talk to the Lorsan and head towards another new area called Spirit Mound.
  • By approaching the statue of this area, you will trigger a cutscene, after which you get Sylvan Egg.
  • Talk to the Pristress Mona and follow the lights to meet the Hewynn. Since you have finished the task, you will get the Confining Spell reward after a brief conversation (can be skipped).
  • Once you have unlocked it, head to the Resonating Hall and enter the Artifacts.
  • Select the Confining Spell and press Activate to use it.

Other Ways to Get Confining Spell

Apart from the quest, the Trolley is the only way to unlock this spell. In the Trolley, you have to purchase the Artifacts Bundle with a purple pendant-like item. Once you have purchased it, head to the Artifacts section of the Resonating Hall. There, select this spell and hit Activate to use it.

Unlocking the Confining Spell in AFK Journey is the key to unlocking the Vaduso Mountains 4. The enemies you face in Vaduso Mountains 4 are strong, so in addition to using the spell, you should also level up equipment through Forge.