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How To Get Back Your High-Ranking Lost Weapons In Borderlands 3

Get the Rare Loot Back

While playing Borderlands 3 there will time when you are unable to pick up a rare loot or lost the high ranking weapon. This does not mean the weapon or loot is lost forever, there is a way to retrieve that loot back with the help of Lost & Found vending machine. In this Borderlands 3 how to get lost weapon guide you will learn the location of Lost & Found machine and also tips on how to get your rare loot back.

How to Use Lost & Found Machine to get lost weapons in Borderlands 3

The machine is located in the Sanctuary where you will respawn, just look in the left of the main hall the machine near the wall. It will drop items of high rarity, oranges, purple, etc. This machine is highly useful and at the beginning will have a limited slot. You can upgrade that to max 13 slots to get more rare loots from the machine.

Borderlands 3 How to get lost rare loot guide

Visit the machine in the Sanctuary to retrieve your lost loot, interact and you will see it will drop everything. It is the best way to get the lost loot that you can use to sell off later for making money. The machine will prioritize the loots on the basis of its rarity and will give you the most valuable weapons drops. You cannot manually select things here, it will drop purple weapon instead of blue or prefer legendary orange above rare purple.

Borderlands 3 How to get lost rare loot guide

Go near the machine and interact to claim the loot. It will show full means it has loots in it and once itis out the screen will show a message in black as empty.

Upgrading the Lost & Found Machine:

You can unlock upto 13 Slot in Lost & Found machine. For this, you have to visit Marcus shop and buy Lost & Find SDU. Each upgrade has cost and will give you one additional slot. The more you have the higher chance you get to retrieve lost high ranking items. So this is an amazing part of Borderlands 3 Loot system but upgrades are costly here. To learn more about the cost of upgrade please read our guide – Borderlands 3 Upgrade Guide.

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