How to get back Crystal Skates in Temtem

Prasad More
2 Min Read

Crystal skates are one of the most important tools in Temtem, they help you move along the red crystal paths on the second island. This is part of the main storyline so finding them if quite necessary.

Temtem has surprised a lot of people which has generated interest and players online have been investing hours on this amazing game. This guide will show you if can you get Crystal Skates Back in Temtem.

How to get back crystal skates in Temtem

The sad part is that once you leave the second island there is no way to get the Crystal skates, they do however help you open up places that were once inaccessible and so the importance of the Crystal skates cannot be emphasized enough.

the skates however though disappear and there is no way to get them back in Temtem, as of right now there is no way to go back and get those Crystal skates once you leave the second island.

But if you haven’t gone to the third island yet, by using the Crystal skate you can go to places like the volcano where you can farm fire Temtem or the hidden cove where you can find the four-leaf clover, which exactly works like a lucky charm and increases your chances of getting a Temtem.

Since Temtem is still in development the developers might bring back Crystal skates which will allow players to go back to the second island and collect things that were left out by the players.

This is all there is to know about how to get back crystal skates in Temtem. Check our other Guides and Tricks for Temtem Cheats only on Gamer Tweak.