How To Find 9 Cultists In TFT To Summon The Supreme Overlord Galio?

The full Cultist has been regarded as one of the strongest team comps that players could run in TFT.

Riot Games has come up with a new TFT Fates set with patch 10.19, bringing a variety of new champion and a new gameplay mechanics along with new comps. The latest set also has new TFT Cultist origin that has more champions than other traits.

The full Cultist has been regarded as one of the strongest team comps that players could run in TFT. They are quite easy builds to make as these don’t require any complicated transition to be done.

How to get 9 Cultists in TFT?

In order to get Cultists in TFT, what all you need to do is to purchase anything with ‘Cultist’ in it and reach up to level 8 before finding a Cultist Chosen. The Cultist Chosen plays an important role to get 9 Cultists: Supreme Overlord Galio, who comes with more than 7000 health and 600 AD. However, it is a little hard to get your hands on the Chosen Cultist.

Notably, the Cultist Champions do not power each other as they use their strength to summon the Demon Lord Galio, which is summoned before the 9 Cutlist Supreme Overlord Galio. Galio will be more powerful if you have more Cultists on your team. Here are some of the different tiers of the TFT Cultist synergy:

  • 3 Cutlists – Tyrant Galio
  • 6 Cutlists – Demon Lord Galio
  • 9 Cutlists – Supreme Overlord Galio

At three units, Cultists summon Tyrant Galio. Once you have managed to get six Cultists, however, Galio will transform into the Demon Lord Galio. And the nine-unit bonus will bring about the powerful Supreme Overlord Galio.

In order to summon the Tyrant Galio, you will have to use Elise, Pyke and Kalista as early game champions. Now, you need to use both Akali or Yasuo as the next champion. Make sure you have reached level 6 and have a total of 6 Cultists by now.

Finally, you will have to spend all the Gold and try to get to level 8. As soon as you reach level 8, you must already have a Cultists Chosen along with seven Cultists to have all the 9 unit synergy bonus, bringing out the Supreme Overlord Galio.