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How to Free Inventory Space In Resident Evil 3 Remake

Tips to manage your inventory items so that you can collect more.

Inventory management is important in Resident Evil 3 Remake because you have 8 limited slots in the beginning. Whatever item you pick will take one of the slots and there are chances you have to leave something important behind. So it is very important to manage your inventory from start in Resident Evil 3 Remake. This guide can help you with this. You can combine common items and keep them in one slot. You can use storage to store away items which are currently not important. And if you think any item is waste you can discard it. So let’s begin with our Resident Evil 3 Remake inventory management tips.

How to free up Inventory Slots in Resident Evil 3 Remake?

With 8 slots, inventory is small in Resident Evil 3 Remake, there are puzzles items, explosives, tools, ammo, consumables, etc. Everything is stored in these 8 slots, and there is always a chance you might end up leaving an item behind because there was no space. But you can smartly organize items like you can place all ammo in one slot, consumables in another one and keep around two to three slots empty fo other items. So here is how to manage inventory tips.

Resident Evil 3 Inventory Management

Combine Gun Powder and convert them into Hand Gun Ammo. Then combine any existing or newly found Hand Gun ammo to keep all the bullets in one place. You can do this for all weapons. For herbs, repeat the same steps. Combining two green herbs gives you a consumable with a small health boost. Combining Red and Gree herbs gives you a consumable that restores 100% health. Place them in one single slot.

Resident Evil 3 Storage

For additional items use the storage box, it is commonly found in many places and you can access your items from different locations. Whenever you spot one of these storage as shown in the screenshot above store your items. There is one issue with storage boxes, you cannot retrieve your items from anywhere. This means items stored in the subway storage box will remain there, this is kind of annoying. If there a common stash feature, where you can access all your collect items from anywhere it would be a great help.

You can also discard items from your inventory to free up space, for example, if you have too many gun powder cans or herbs, you can throw it away to pick any important item. To discard the item in RE3 Remake go to inventory and select the item, from the right menu choose to discard.

Follow these simple tips to manage your inventory in Resident Evil 3 Remake. For solving puzzles you will need a space in your inventory to carry stuff.