How to Fix Valorant Battle Pass Not Unlocking Error

Fixing missing and locked items

Valorant is live and has gone through some serious bugs affecting the gameplay of users around the world. One of the most annoying parts is items still locked in the battle pass after purchasing it. You can unlock Valorant Battle Pass items using 1000 Radianite Points that can be purchased through the store. If you are facing Valorant Battle Pass Not Unlocking Error, then here is what you can do to fix this problem.

How to fix Valorant Battle Pass Not Unlocking Error?

The game developer is aware of the issue and tweeted they are working on a fix to resolve the problem. The bug leads to locked Battle Pass items still after the purchase. Try to logout, exit the game, and log-in once again. There can be a network or sync error in the account that leads to the Valorant Battle Pass bug.

There is a concrete fix to the problem, but today RIOT Games have released a short update. Just launch the game and you can download it. If you haven’t received it then try back after some time. It is recommended to avoid any purchase unless the bug is resolved, or you can directly report at Valorant Twitter account.

Another major issue is Valorant server down. This bug is also pretty common in some regions. There are fixes on the way, however, if you are facing a crashing issue or latency problem then try to troubleshoot the bug at your end. For example updating your graphic drivers, reducing the graphic settings to medium or low, or verifying whether your internet is stable or not.

We will add more to this guide as soon as we get hands-on a proper fix for the error. Until the time you will have to wait for official updates from the developers.