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Multiversus Lag: How To Fix Laggy Menu Or Characters

Is Multiversus lagging? Here's what you can do to fix it.

For some players, Multiversus is lagging pretty hard – either the menu gets laggy or the characters freeze or teleport across the screen. This online game has gained a lot of fame right from its beta phase, so the servers can get overloaded frequently which can cause lag. As you know, in a platform fighter like this one, every moment is crucial and can make or break the match. If you are wondering how to fix the lag in Multiversus, here are some potential solutions you can try out.


Multiversus Lagging: Why is the Game so Laggy & How to Fix?

multiversus laggy menu characters

Check your Internet Connection & System Requirements


First and foremost, ensure that your internet connection is not the problem. Keep your router is close to your system and check if there’s signal interference from wireless speakers or other such appliances. Since this is an online game, a stable internet is crucial to avoid lag. Plus, check if your computer supports the minimum system requirements. If these two common reasons aren’t the problem, then keep reading to know what else you can do.

Close Background Programs

Some apps and programs running in the background on PC could interfere with a game and could also hog up the resources intended for it. To ensure a smooth performance without interruptions, close all the unnecessary applications including Chrome, antivirus software, VPN etc. Then, restart your PC and check whether you are facing lag in Multiversus again. The same goes for console players – turn off the system, restart and try to launch the game again.


Check your Server Region

One of the reasons why players may face lag is that the server region isn’t close to their actual location. Head to Settings > Online/Legal > Preferred Server Region and choose the server that’s best suited for you.

Lower the Graphics Setting


lower graphics settings multiversus

Head to the Settings > Graphics, choose lower settings related to resolution and check if the lag goes away.

Check for Bugs

Players who report that their character freezes, teleports or suddenly lags or the game becomes unplayable, find out if other players are also facing the same. You can check out the Multiversus subreddit or talk to the community on Discord or Twitter. If it is indeed a bug, rest assured that the developers will fix it in an upcoming patch.

Reinstall the Game

As a last resort, you can reinstall the game and check if it works smoothly this time.

Hopefully, one of these troubleshooting tips helps you out. In case you are not able to play Multiversus online, here are some working fixes you can try.