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How to Fix EDZ Obelisk Bug in Destiny 2 – Two Working Solutions

Progressing Halting Bug Fix

Destiny 2 players are facing an annoying bug while interacting with EDZ Obelisk which is blocking their progress to move ahead. If you are among those players who are unable to interact with EDZ Obelisk then there is a solution for you. I am adding all the working solutions that were reported by various Destiny 2 players on YouTube.

How to fix EDZ Obelisk Bug – Solution 1 Fast Travel


One of the common fixes that resolve EDZ Obelisk Bug in Destiny 2 is jumping to the orbit and fast travel to any distant location and return back to the Moon to the Gulch Landing Zone. Once you are back at the spot you will see an E button for interacting with the EDZ Obelisk. This is a very common fix that had worked for many Destiny 2 players. So here is the solution once again in few steps.

  1. Fast Travel to any different location
  2. Return to Moon and choose The Gulch Landing Zone
  3. Return to EDZ and press E to interact.

How to fix EDZ Obelisk Bug – Solution 2 Ride From the Sludge


The solution is by Youtuber Cheese Forever, who is able to fix the EDZ Obelisk Bug by just riding all the way to the location. Go to the Sludge and ride all the way back to the EDZ Obelisk zone and interact with the terminal to access the quest menu. There is a problem here is too many enemies in your way along with the riding takes time. So you can try this also if the above solution is not working. So here is the second solution to fix EDZ Obelisk Bug in Destiny 2 in few steps.

  1. Go to the Sludge
  2. Ride all the way back to EDZ Obelisk
  3. Interact with the terminal

EDZ Obelisk Bug is still active and it seems the developer is working on some kind of patch to permanently remove it. Jumping out of the planet and return back is the fastest and easiest way to fix the bug in Destiny 2. I hope this guide will help you to fix EDZ Obelisk Bug in Destiny 2.