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How To Fix Corrupt Character Save In Borderlands 3 PC

Tips to restore corrupt character

A lot of users are reporting Corrupt Characters in Borderlands 3 while playing it on the PC. In this bug, users have reported losing character levels or even the complete character permanently. There is a small fix that can help you to restore the corrupted character, but in some cases, it might not work if the temp files are wiped out completely. The bug is still active and causing the issue to many Borderlands 3 players. They have reported of loose character level from higher to lower no solution to restore it back. This is truly a hard bug to fix.

How to Restore Character Level or Corrupt Character In Borderlands 3


Borderlands 3 creates a temp file to store character data in My Games folder located in My Documents of the C drive. There is a Borderlands 3 folder in it. This is where a temp file is created which has character data, so keep the Hidden Files on to view them. If the files are wiped out you will lose the character level or its stats forever because the game will use whichever current file is present.

After going to the folder of Borderlands 3 in My Documents > My Games, look for 1.sav.xyz.TMP file. Here in the file name xyz will be some random characters, you have to look for.TMP extension. There will be one more file 1.sav that is your existing character file with all the data. Copy this somewhere else for a backup. Now rename the 1.sav.xyz.TMP to 1.sav.TMP and start Borderlands 3.

This small solution had worked for a few users, it is necessary to check instantly as soon as you find that your characters are corrupted in Borderlands 3. If you start playing with the same level or corrupt character you might lose important progress in the game.


Hope this small solution will help you.