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How to Fix Apex Legends This Account is Invalid Error

Troubleshooting EA Account

Connectivity issues, pc crash, etc are common in the game but one error that is hard to resolve is Apex Legends This Account is Invalid Error. Now, this bug is faced with a few numbers of players around the globe, and if you are facing this then check this guide. I had tried to bring out the most common fixes that can help you to resolve this Apex Legends invalid account errors. But if this does not works then you have to wait for Patch for contact EA help for the solution.

How to fix Account Invalid error in Apex Legends?


A common solution to fix the problem is resetting your password. Login issues are mostly associated with an incorrect password. Visit EA.com, and click on Forget Password. Follow the simple on-screen instructions to reset your password and try logging in back. If this does not works then another way to resolve is reaching out EA

Unless you had not gone against the game policies your accounts can be restored, but if you had done anything that breaks the rules then your account is banned. Common reason for account suspension is Cheating, False Claims, Hacking other players’ account, Trolling, Partying with Cheaters, etc. The rules are pretty straightforward and can lead to your account suspension.

To an extent it is not possible to directly find-out whether you are banned from EA.com, it is best to approach them by email or through EA forums. But first, simply try to reset your password and check one more time. Check for typo errors while inserting the password.


Through the Contact Us page you can approach EA and appear if your account is banned or suspended by mistake. While contacting provide the following information.

  • Your Username – This is your EA ID, PlayStationNetwork Online ID, Xbox Live gamertag, EA mobile game-specific User ID, or game-specific user name.
  • Email address that’s on your banned or suspended EA Account.
  • Detailed info that includes any error or notification messages that you saw.