How to find the 9 Artifacts in Apex Legends Season 5 Fortune’s Favor

Objectives to unlock these relics

Apex Legends Season 5 Fortune Favor features a Quest mode called as The Broken Ghost. Active throughout the season, the objective of this quest is to locate 9 Relics. Only after finding all the artifacts or relics, you will be able to unlock the final rewards. There will be more unlocked in between as you keep on finding them. This the Broken Ghost will help you to understand what are those primary objectives that store the rewards. What you have to do to find all nine artifacts in Apex Legends Season 5.

How to find All 9 Artifacts in Apex Legends Season 5?

Broken Ghost is the first Quest in Apex Legends in Season 5, and it has nine pieces of mysterious artifact scattered around the entire season. Here are the two things you can do to collect all relics in Apex Legends in Season 5.

1. Treasure Packs:

Apex Legends Season 5 Treasure Pack

Treasure packs are new lootable items in the game. You will find them in competitive matches of Apex Legends. The loot will also include artifacts, collecting only one per day is allowed. If while playing you came across another Treasure Pack, ping your friends instead or ignore it.

The difference here is that when you collect items from Treasure Pack it will not go in your backpack. You will have to return to the Lobby after the match to view them in the inventory.

In total there are 45 Treasure packs in Apex Legends in Season 5. Each has Crafting Metals, Battlepass XP, Apex Packs and New Hunt to unlock the next piece of artifact.

2. Weekly Hunts:

Apex Legends Season 5 Weekly Hunts

There are 9 Weekly Hunts, that will take place during the night time in King Canyon. You will be dropped off in the danger zone, find out the relic, and survive the horde of enemies until you get your transport back. There are a lot of challenges in weekly hunts, you will be chased and attacked. The best way to survive to play in a Squad. If you are skilled enough you can go, Solo. The benefit of playing alone is you can respawn for a few times, while in Squad your allies will watch your back.

To unlock inf on the next piece of artifact completing the Hunt is compulsory. Along with this, you will also get an exclusive Weapon Charm and a new chapter to proceed in the Broken Ghost Quest. You can either play solo or in group of max three.

In Apex Legends Season 5 you can replay the Hunts you have completed successfully. First Hunt will be out on May 19, as soon as you grab your fifth Treasure Pack. New Hunts will be released after every week until all Nine remains available to play.

This is how you will be playing the brand new Broken Ghost Quest of Apex Legends Season 5. Visit back for more updates on Fortune’s Favor.