How To Find The Best Start Position In Civilization 6

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Civilization 6 is a strategy game where you can control life and play as a god and if you are wondering about how to pick the best start position in the game, then you have come to the right spot. To make your society grow you most definitely have to start off well and this guide will show you how to pick the best start position in Civilization 6.

How To Find The Best Start Position In Civilization 6

When you start off in Civilization 6, you will need to keep one thing in mind is the fact how the world keeps into being. If you are a history enthusiast then you probably know that civilization blossomed near freshwater.

You should pick your capital in the first three steps and it is critical that you land on the perfect spot. Your first job should be to select a Settler or you can turn on the Settler lens above the mini-map for this.

Look for a dark green tile and it will indicate that it is a freshwater tile, this will give your city five Housing initially, making the early settlement successful. As your building blocks per perfectly founded your city will soon blossom with more people.

Now, the second job is to look for a freshwater tile near Plains (Hills) in Civilization 6. This will be the perfect spot of terrain to build a city upon as it will yield more Production than any other terrain this game as to offer.

So to make your job easy from the get-go, find a freshwater tile near Plains and then move on to go to the adjacent tile of your freshwater tile and look for a tile with a yield of four or more.

You can always find one, if you look around closely and pay attention, at the minimum you will find one and if you’re lucky you will probably find more. These yields will give you the output of Food, Production, and much more.

Tiles adjacent to the hills will often be great for sources for additional Production after the improvement to Civilization 6’s Builders. Make sure that there are a number of hills in your first and second ring in Civilization 6 as it keeps you maintain good form early on.

If your freshwater tile is tied up with Luxury Resource then you should consider this as your Capital. This will probably be the best thing that can happen to you in the game but make sure that there is a good adjacent tile around.

Do not give in to greed and settle on a Luxury Resource till sacrificing good adjacent tiles. Having the liberty to exchange a Luxury Resource for gold when you meet another Civilization 6 leader will give your great benefits early on in the game.

These are the tips that you need to keep in your head, while there is no end to your imagination, a good starting spot is ideal in Civilization 6. Make sure that you check out other Civilization 6 guides right here on GamerTweak.

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