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How To Find Team Rocket & Shadow Pokemon In Pokemon Go

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Team Rock has invaded in Pokemon Go and the event is live. If you had not found Team Rocket in the game yet then keep reading to find out how you can find Team Rocket in Pokemon Go. You have to battle with Team Rockets on different Pokestops to get Shadow Pokemons. Shadow Pokemons are covered in dark energy, and they are very hard to level up and loaded with Charge Move Frustration. With Deep red eyes, Shadow Pokemons on Pokemon Go needs 2x Stardust and Candies. Here you will learn about how to find Team Rocket and what to do with Shadow Pokemons in Pokemon Go.


How To Find Team Rocket In Pokemon Go

There is no exact spawn location of Team Rocket in the Map, but have to walk around to find the R symbol. Interacting with will reveal a Team Rocket member who will ask you for a battle and now be ready to catch a Shadow Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Team Rocket Event

Team Rocket is taking over different Pokestops in Pokemon Go, so you have to check around different Pokestops, just keep walking and look for an R symbol. Similar to one shown in the Pokemon Go Team Rocket screenshot above.

Pokemon Go Team Rocket Event

Team Rocket will grunt you to fight, tap on Battle to begin. Before you begin, pick a Battle Party, you will see recommendations of three Pokemons. To begin tap on Use This Party or simply tap on the Pokemons to change them and make your own custom Battle Party.

Shadow Pokemon are tough to capture, with deep red eyes they are surrounded by dark energy. You have to spend double Stardust and Candies on them. Ample of time Shadow Pokemon will break free if you have no enough resources to make them happy. But you can still find more Team Rocket Pokestops and increase chances to capture a Shadow Pokemon.

What To Do After Catching a Shadow Pokemon?


Once you caught a Shadow Pokemon you have to purify them. Use Stardust and Candies for purifying Shadow Pokemon. By doing this you can remove the negative powers of Shadow Pokemon and get a permanent +2 Boost to VI Stats. Also, Shadow Pokemons after purified will level up to 25 and automatically learns Charge Move Return. Compared to the shadow version, purified Pokemons are easier and less costly to upgrade after they evolve.

You can find Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Rattata, Zubat, Snorlax, Dartini, and Dragonair, there are still more to catch, these are some the common Pokemons you can spot during Team Rocket event