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Tips To Find Stronghold in Minecraft –

Strong is a key location in Minecraft that will help you to farm rare items. Locating these strongholds however can be quite a difficult task.

Strongholds in Minecraft can be an important source of locating rare items as well as locating the end portal that is necessary to access the end. However, finding these strongholds can be a difficult task. In today’s guide, we’ll provide step-to-step instructions to help you find a stronghold in Minecraft.

Items needed to find a stronghold


  • Ender Pearl
  • Eye of Ender
  • Blaze Powder

The Ender Pearl and Blaze Powder are important ingredients that are used in making the Eye of Ender. The Eye of Ender is crucial to finding strongholds in Minecraft.

Locating a stronghold in Minecraft


Follow the detailed instructions below to locate a stronghold in Minecraft.

  • Once you’ve created your Eye of Ender, press the use button.

minecraft crafting eye of render


  • Doing so will throw the Eye, causing it to move in a particular direction.
  • The direction followed by the Eye of Ender will help you locate a stronghold.
  • Upon covering a certain distance, the Eye will return to its original form before dissipating.
  • You can then pick it up and throw it repeatedly until the Eye reaches its destination.

minecraft eye of render

  • The said destination will eventually lead you to an underground location.
  • Once you reach the said location, you will need to begin digging underground.
  • Make sure to give yourself enough space while digging so that you can retrieve the Eye. If you can’t do this, you can always carry additional Eyes as a backup.
  • After a few moments of digging, you will discover an area with large doors, a library, and eventually your end portal.
  • This means you’ve found your stronghold.


And just like that, you can easily discover your very own stronghold with minimal effort. A stronghold can be an important source of rare resources, apart from also being the location of end portals.

Now that you’ve worked hard to find the coveted stronghold, it’s time to celebrate. So here’s a guide to craft and launch fireworks in Minecraft.