How To Find Stranger Things Portal In Fortnite & What It Does?

Enter the upside down!

Fortnite brings a brand new event where you can find hidden portals to enter the Up-side down world of Stranger Things ruled by monsters. Many had started spotting the portal and once you are inside everything changes. The portal spawns on many locations, just refer the image of this article to know how it looks and once you spot to jump into the portal. I am also sharing a video below that will help you more in locating it, the portal spawn randomly around the map, so there is no specific location. But if you had played Fortnite enough then it is easy to spot the Stranger Things portal in the game.

The dark parallel world of Stranger Things also brings the monsters in Fortnite, this means you will face a Demogorgon. Trapped in the dark world players will spot some amazing new things in the game. Players will be rewarded Stranger Things themed character skins, back bling, weapons and more.

The best place to search is in the Mega Mall, there are more than one portals. The LTM event will be activated for a couple of days so don’t miss your chance to grab the all-new world to get new rewards. Demogorgon Mask is one of the free rewards you can get in the game. Two more free skins are confirmed during the event the first is Chief Hopper skin and second is Demogorgon skin. Both are coming up during the event.

We will update more info on Fortnite Stranger Things LTM Event, stay tuned.