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How to find Apex Legends Season 5 Purple Death Box?

It is the most important treasure box

In Apex Legends Season 5 Fortune’s Favors, there are major changes in the maps and items. One of them is Treasure Chests. If you are playing is Loba you have the ability to spot Legendary Loots, it is displayed as a purple dot on the screen. Just safely make your way to the loot and unlock rewards that others will never know about. That’s why Loba turns out to be a perfect hero in Apex Legends Season 5. One of the most important things here is to find Purple Treasures Chest, why because they give you consumables, armors, ammo, etc. Regular Treasure Chest have basic items, but the purple one that Loba can track down easily is worth to die for.

How to find Purple Treasure Chest in Apex Legends Season 5?


A lot of items in Apex Legends is random, that means their spawn location is not fixed. But if you are landing somewhere in Salvage then here are some points you will instantly find rare loots. Land on the crane, there are three cabins on the right. The first has a Purple Treasure box. There is purple glow over it that defines the rarity of the Treasure Pack.

Apex Legends Season 5 Treasure Pack

This first Purple Treasure pack will give you consumable, body gear, and some weapons. This one is quite different than what was previously used in Apex Legends. Focus on grabbing consumables, there are fewer chances you will be using explosives in melee combat. Also, grab Backpacks that will add 2 slots to carry more items. This Treasure Box also has a section for attachments that offers yo weapon upgrades. The second purple treasure chest is the left end corner of the crane.


One of the best parts of playing as Loba is her ability to teleport instantly from one place to another. You have to set a projectile location or your landing point and instantly you can jump to that location. But this does not mean you can escape away during the fight. You will need a safe point to use it.