How to fight Zombie Horde In Zombie Army 4 Dead War

Pro Tips to take down group of Zombies

You will be facing zombies regularly during your progress to new missions in Zombie Army 4 Dead War. The most annoying will be a horde of zombie surrounding you from all corners. It will be really tough to kill them one by one, so here you can use explosives. But that is also limited.

Want to know how to kill zombie horde in Zombie Army 4 Dead War?

Here is an instant solution, to take down more zombies without wasting ammo or explosives. But to do this you will need to complete chapter one and enter into the next one Locomotive Lockdown in Zombie Army 4 Dead War.

How to kill zombie hordes in Zombie Army 4 Dead War

During the first chapter, you will face regular zombies, but in chapter 2 of the Zombie Army 4 Dead War, you will find a horde of zombies coming towards you. On your way to Platform 3, you will face a new type of zombie the Suicider Skirmish. This zombie has explosives all over this body and will only attack by charging you and exploding. So you have to take care of two things, at all cost do not go near to the  Suicider Skirmish in Zombie Army 4 Dead War.

Second, when you see Swarm of zombies approaching you look for the  Suicider Skirmish zombie and shoot it. It will explode killing the regular ones around. So if you are not able to find enough explosives or objects to kill zombies in Zombie Army 4 Dead War, target the Suicider Skirmish zombie. It will spawn regularly once you start progressing to further chapters. You have to quick in shooting down this one, or else it will explode near you damaging your health.

Suicider Skirmish zombie might not have any weapon to attack but he is really fast and will run towards you. So be the first one to shoot him down.