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How to Fight Scaly Pete at Level 20 – Maneater Boss Fight Guide

It's revenge time

Scaly Pete is a tough boss in Maneater and you will encounter him multiple time. The first time is when you are at Level 20 and assigned a mission to track down the mean fisherman in the ocean. In this article How to Fight Scaly Pete at Level 20 in Maneater I will share some instant tips to defeat this boss.

How to defeat Scaly Pete in Maneater?

Scaly Pete  appears for the first time after you reach Level 20 in Maneater. A fully grown shark, fast in speed and upgraded with the best possible traits to rule the ocean. Time to deal with bigger prey, defeating Scaly Pete is important to progress in the story. Also you cannot unlock Elder Size without facing Scaly Pete in Maneater. So once you are ready here is how you defeat him.

  1. Scaly Pete is located in Sapphire Bay, complete the area’s task to start this first.
  2. You will have to destroy Scaly Pete’s boat to win this boss fight. This fight is mostly destroying it by ramming into it.
  3. There are some Shark Hunters on the boat, bit them first or else they will use explosives and ranged weapons.
  4. If you are targeted using laser swim down to the ocean and roll around.
  5. The first objective is to destroy the Boats’s Case, swim down and jump high then ram into the cage for max damage.
  6. Second boat joins the battle with hunters on it. Ignore Scaly Pete for a while and destroy the hunters and their boat.
  7. Return back to Scaly and hit his boat again and again. Swim down or below the boat to avoid getting attacked with weapons.
  8. The age will be destroyed soon and next is Scaly’s boat, continue your attack by ramming into the deck. If you are able to land successfully roll around use the tail to attack every area.

If you are low on health swim down and eat the fishes. You can also consume he hunters to restore your ability. As soon as the boat is destroyed you will see a cutscene where the shark bites Scaly’s leg but this is not the end. Defeating Scaly will unlock Survived Again Trophy.