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How To Fight Efficiently in Ancestors Legacy

Learn how to plan your move

Ancestors Legacy is an RTS game which really emphasizes on the strategy-making you think of every move and double down on your wartime strategy. Learning how to fight efficiently is key when you wish to overpower everyone and be the best power in the world. This guide will show you how to fight efficiently in Ancestors Legacy.

How to fight efficiently in Ancestors Legacy


There are top six strategies you can apply to battle efficiently in Ancestors Legacy, refer the tips to build the finest plan to take down enemies.

1).  Flaking your enemies: Flanking the enemy troops is one of the best ways you can ensure that you will have the upper hand in your battles. Use this advantage of fanning out your squads and having multiple directions of taking on your foes. This will be a key method to take on stronger enemies.

2). Counter: Every squad has a strength and a weakness, exploit these weaknesses of your enemies and you will have an upper hand in your fights. Ranged units have a weakness to close combat and spearmen are weak against regular infantry.


3). Traps: Setting up traps in strategical places will give you an advantage as enemies will unknowingly get stuck into them. Having the element of surprise will often be the first step into gaining superiority. Make sure that you provoke your enemies into key locations where you have your traps set and you will down a huge chunk of the enemies battalion.

4). Learn to defend: A proper defensive strategy will often come in handy as being on the front foot will not work always be possible. Having a good defensive strategy where you know about the surroundings and have good knowledge about your troops and where to deploy them will prove vital.

5). Weather: Weather conditions will change and you will need to change your strategy to make the best of this. Quickly adapting to these changes will let your troops perform better. Visibility will give them more vision and depending on the time you can also attack with the element of surprise.


6). Retreat: You will often need to retreat so make sure that any of your squad isn’t depleted completely. This will make sure that you can save the entire squad without having to lose an entire type of infantry. Keep an eye on how your squad is doing and you will make sure that you do not lose precious time.

This is all there is to be about effective combat in Ancestors Legacy.