Temtem Evolution Guide: How To Evolve

Know how to evolve your Tamed Temtems.

Temtem is a massively multiplayer creature collection game wherein you play as a Tamer. Collect various creatures known as Temtems and add them to your squad. Also, it is possible to train these creatures to level them up in the game. Leveling up the Temtems is a very important aspect of the game as you have to fight with other tamers on multiple occasions. Moreover, these creatures after a certain stage Evolve in the next series of their Evolution Line. But, there are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled to begin the Evolution. Evolve your Temtem creatures in the game through our detailed guide on it.

How to Evolve Creatures in Temtem

How to evolve in Temtem

Not every Temtem that you capture can be evolved in the game. For example, a Skail evolves into a Skunch after 17 levels that entirely change the base statistics of the Temtem. Although, here’s how to evolve the Temtem in the game:

  • The most common Temtem in the game is Kaku which will make it easier to understand the process.
  • If you catch a Kaku, it will evolve itself 11 levels after capturing it. Further, if you capture a Kaku at level 7, it will evolve at level 18.
  • On the other hand, if you hatch the Kaku from an egg, it will evolve at the required level 11.
  • It is possible to cancel the Evolution process after pressing and holding down the Z key. However, later you can evolve the Temtem by selecting it in the Menu.
  • In addition, here are some creatures that have the capability to evolve in Temtem:
    • Oree – Evolves into Zaobian after 35 levels.
    • Platypet – Evolves into Platox after 20 levels. Training it to 20 more levels will evolve it into Platimous.
    • Swali – Evolves into Loali after 8 levels.
    • Paharo – Evolves into Paharac after 12 levels. Training it to 16 more levels will evolve it into Granpah.
    • Ampling – Evolves into Amphatyr after 14 levels.
    • Bunbun – Evolves into Mudrid after 20 levels.
    • Hidody – Evolves into Taifu after 15 levels.
    • Fomu – Evolves into Wiplump after 20 levels.
    • Skail – Evolves into Skunch after 17 levels.
    • Orphyll – Evolves into Nidrasil after 22 levels.
    • Banapi – Evolves into Capyre after 17 levels.
    • Lapinite – Evolves into Azuroc after 25 levels. Training it to 25 more levels will evolve it into Zenoreth.
    • Bigu – Evolves into Babawa after 25 levels.
    • Kaku – Evolves into Saku after 11 levels.
    • Raiber – Evolves into Raize after 15 levels. Training it to 25 more levels will evolve it into Raican.
    • Crystle – Evolves into Sherald after 29 levels.
    • Hocus – Evolves into Pocus after 17 levels.

These are some of the most common Temtems and what levels are required to evolve them. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Temtem guides.