How To Evolve Gabite In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Learn tips and tricks on how to Evolve Gabite in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Gabite is a dual-type Ground/Dragon Pokemon which evolves into Garchomp. If you are wondering how to evolve Gabite in Pokemon Legends Arceus and learn other tips, tricks and guides keep reading below.

As you make your way through the Hisui region you will on numerous occasions come up against alpha Pokemon. These are larger than usual Pokemon and have red glowing eyes. If they notice you, these alphas will hunt you down. They are formidable opponents, but will turn up to be great allies once you manage to capture them. You might even receive items that are rare if you defeat them in battle.

How to Evolve Gabite in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Evolve Gabite to Garchomp in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Gabite is an evolution of Gible. There is no need of any kind of special item to evolve Gabite. Gible can be evolved to Gabite after level 24 and Gabite can be evolved to Garchomp after level 48.

Once you have a Gabite of the required level just head over to the menu in your satchel and you will notice the Pokeball flashing. Go to the Pokeball and click evolve to begin the evolution. If you have an alpha Gabite then you can evolve it immediately after capturing it. Alphas are usually spawned with level 50.

How to Find Gabite in Pokemon Legends Arceus

How to Capture an Alpha Gabite

Alpha Gabites dwell in the Coronet Highlands between the Celestial Trail and the Celestial Ruins. Use the bushes in the region as cover before the Gabites spot you. You can try feeding them cakes. Throw different kinds of cakes like Mushroom cake, Honey cake (they are more than likely to ignore these). The Gabites like the Grain Cake.

Once it starts feeding, use the ultra ball carefully to capture it. Capturing them with lower level balls is also possible but it will need more attempts due to the percentage of the balls and the food that they eat. Return to base as soon as you catch them. Switch the alpha Gabite into your team and let it out. You now have an alpha Gabite.

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