What is Underdark and how to enter it in Baldurs Gate 3?

To access Underdark first there's is a puzzle and then you enter this secret underground place in Baldurs Gate 3.

Underdark is a distinct place in Baldurs Gate 3. Accessing Underdark takes a lot of work. It all starts with a puzzle that unlocks during the Reach Moonrise Towers quest. You will get a hint where exactly is a passage to Underdark but that is not enough. In this article, we are going to discuss entering this secluded spot in Baldurs Gate 3. You will find vital info on what Underdark is? What you must not do and what are things you can do if you can successfully track the passage.

How to access Underdark in Baldur’s Gate 3?

There are three ways to enter Underdark in Baldur’s Gate 3. Meet Haisin and he will tell you about all three passages. The first one is Risen Road. Second one is through a mountain pass and the third one is the tunnels. The easiest way to access Underdark is through the tunnels. You can learn from Haisin about Tunnels which begins at the Temple of Selune. Go to Goblin Camp after having enough details and follow the waypoint to locate Goblins in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Continue walking towards Shattered Sanctum, the area is filled with Goblin’s deal with them. Head to the southwest corner to locate a room with Orate Door. This door will take you to Defiled Temple. Fight an ogre called Polma, she will not let you move forward. Defeat her and proceed to unlock Moonrise Tower Quest.

Check the below section to know how to solve the Moon Door Puzzle. If you had done this then you will be able to use the level to unlock the access to the Tunnels that lead to the Underdark. A hidden entrance unlocks through and you will find a second iron gate. Interact with the lever to finally open the door that leads to Underdark.

How to solve the Moon Door Puzzle?

Baldur’s Gate 3 Moon puzzle can be solved by finding clues for arranging the plates in the right manner. The clue is in the High Priestess journal. After defeating the Ogre Polma check the room for clues. You can find the journal only if you do not kill the ogre. Before solving the puzzle ungroup the member of the party. Just move to the corner of the screen ungroup them and return to the plate in the center.

Moonrise Door Puzzle Solution

Look on the plate with the light on it. The solution to the Moonrise Tower is extremely simple. Rotate the plates to move all the dark moon that is a black circle on the plate which has lights on it. Check the above screenshot for the solution. Set the plates in the exactly same manner as reflected in the image above.