How to Eject Disk on PS5 – Remove Stuck Disc Manually

Game CD not Coming Out. Do not Break anything just follow the steps in this guide.

With the new Console comes new features, We’ll tell you how you can Eject a disk from PS5.
Sony revealed the Play station 5 on 12th June 2020 giving us a glimpse of what’s new alongside some gameplay videos as well. Even though many things were revealed that day (while many important details weren’t) what stood out was the sleek new design of the console. We get new consoles almost every 5 years and this one is surely designed in a way to look sleek even after a few years. The PS5 is available in 2 variants the regular console and the PS5 digital edition.

Almost all games are available in both Hard copy and digital versions, some still prefer the hard copy versions. If you are one of those hard copy lovers read further to know how you can Eject a disk in PS5.

How to Eject Disk in PS5?

Eject Disc PS5 Console

Starting off with very obvious details to Eject a disk one has to put it in first and to do this Herculean task all you have to do push the disk in the disk drive. To Eject the disk, you need to toggle to the application whose disk is in there. Once selected press the options button and scroll down the menu and select the last option which says “Eject disk”. The options button is the small button on the right side of the Controller next to the triangle button.

Some people have been experiencing their disks getting stuck in the console. In that case, you will have to remove the disk manually. To remove it manually first remove all the cables and unscrew the stand. Once that is done place it with the logo being towards you and try to remove the cover on the Disk drive side. The cover can be removed by applying some pressure against the tap at the corner of the console. Lay the console on the cover which is still intact and you will be able to see a Screw. Get a flat screwdriver and unscrew it and while you do it you will see the disc coming out.

That’s all for this guide, to keep up with all the news about the PS5 stick around at Gamertweak.