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How To Easily Found A Religion In Civilization 6

Religion has played a huge part in the development of civilization

Religion has played a huge part in the development of our civilization and is a great part of Civilization 6 as well, if you want to learn how to found a religion in Civilization 6 then you will need to read up the rest of this guide.

How To Found A Religion In Civilization 6

To have a moral basis, religion is essential it also helps you take the world of your religious leader to other cities and get more people to help you out in your holy quest.

Religion is based in structures in Civilization 6, while other resources like gold, food, and production are necessary, you will also need a few buildings that will be the beacon of your religion in the game. These buildings will help solidify your faith.

Before you set off creating your religion in Civilization 6, you will need to create a pantheon belief. This is something strong that people can base their beliefs in, you will require 25 faith in order to do this.

After this, there needs to be a religious leader and you will require a prophet who can guide his followers to the blessed lands and instill hope in them. Where you start off in Civilization 6 matters a lot, if you start out in the Industrial Era then Great Prophets won’t be available and you will have to use another method.

But if you are in a more historic era, you can create your own religion and start off your own customs and traditions with the values that you like. Coming back to religious structures you will require a Holy Site, Shrine, Prasat, Stave Church, Holy Site Prayers, or a Stonehenge.

Once you get the Great Prophet, you are free to create your own religion. You can take any existing religion and tweak it to add your own values to it or change an aspect or two that you do not like.

Use your faith to purchase missionaries and other religious units to spread their religion across the world. As the word spreads, other cities and city-states will be part of your religion and this will incur benefit to you.

This also has the power to bring in non-religious civilizations to convert into your religion and get the benefits that you have to offer.

You can get a religious victory by converting the majority of cities in every civilization to your religion and you might need to brush up on a bit of history to know how to spread the voice of god to new places.

All you have to do is take advantage of the trade routes and or bringing a bit of a religious crusade if need be. You will need to plan a lot in advance but once you do, things will always keep on moving and this is all there is to know about how to found a religion in Civilization 6. Make sure to check out what District to start off in Civilization 6 as well right here.