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How To Earn Double XP Bonus In Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

2XP Rewards

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare features a 2XP system where players can get chance to earn double XP through gameplay. Called as XP Tokens, you can activate it and offering you a ability to control when you can get 2XP in Modern Warfare. This feature can be confusing, but in this Modern Warfare how to get double XP guide I will clear all your doubts on how to unlock 2XP Tokens and level up fast.

How to Get 2XP in Modern Warfare


If you want to earn 2XP in the game then there is only one way, you have to participate in public Multiplayer matches. Here you will earn double XP for completing missions and also double your achievements when the XP token is active. You will earn 2XP instantly during the matches and it will be reflected in After Action report.

Another way to get XP tokens is through the gameplay, there are many objectives an challenges in the game which will reward you XP token on completion. There are also collaboration with various retailers and partners who can share XP tokens codes with you if you buy from them.

How to activate 2XP Token?


Look for XP tokens in the 2XP sidebar, activate it first and then begin your battle. This is how you will activate the 2XP Token to increase your chances of getting double XP. To activate this enter the Game Lobby in the Multiplayer Menu and press L3 on PS4 to open 2XP Sidebar. Select the XP Token Tile and press it to activate 2XP.

There will be a countdown timer visible on the right side of the screen while you are in the lobby. The timer starts once you activate the XP Token and there will be a limited time chance to earn 2XP once you are in the Multiplayer match. Remember that the timer will start in the lobby, so you have to enter a match quickly. The more you stay in the lobby, more time will be wasted.

You can activate as many tokens you want when you are taking part in Public Multiplayer matches, so there is no limit to activate XP tokens for a single day.


This is how you can earn 2XP tokens in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Good luck soldier.