Tips To Download Humankind Mods & How to Install them?

There are two ways to install mods in Humankind. The first is manually and the second is automatic read this guide for more details.

Playing Humankind with mods can unlock more interesting gameplay. Humankind Mods and Maps unlock new locations, new features in the game. It is a historical strategy game where you can re-write the entire narrative of humankind. With mods instead of continuing with the campaign, you can do a lot more. For example, you can install custom maps in Humankind using I am going to help you with downloading the best mods for Humankind first. Because wrong mods can crash your gamer, and also the installation process is not that complicated. You will have to simply move some mods files to the default folder. There are two ways to install mods in Humankind, the first is a manual one and the second is automatic. I am going to share both ways here.

How to Download Mods for Humankind?

Humankind Mods Download

The best Mods are available at, you can download the best mods from here. Currently, there are two modes available for download. One adds a small island to the game and the second gives you a full Earth Map in Humankind. You can practice with these two maps to find out how mods work in Humankind. There were some official updates coming out of the game developers which clearly shared that modding is going to be a part of the game. This will allow players to tweak the game the way they want. They can unlock more new regions or add a unique feature to the game. As per the official statement, the modding tool for Humankind will let players change the values of in-game elements.

Players can modify name descriptions, event text, tooltips, etc. They can reuse existing 2D and 3D assets, import 2D UI assets, alter AI code, and also create fixed maps. What players cannot mod is their Avatars, they cannot change the game mechanics, etc. You can read about mod restrictions on the official Steam page of Mankind.

How to Install Mods for Humankind?

Humankind Full Earth Mod
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There are two ways to install Mods in Humankind, first is by copying the files to the game folder and second connecting to Humankind has support where you can link this game directly to So that whatever new mod is updated on the domain, you can download and try that. For manually installing mods in Humankind follow the below process.

  1. Download the Mod zip and extract the content using Winrar.
  2. Humankind mods coms with .hmap file extension. This is for map files.
  3. Copy the files C:\Users\username\Documents\Humankind\Maps. If this location is not there then go for the below one.
  4. C:\Users\username\Documents\Humankind\Maps.

That’s when you have properly extracted the .hmap file and moved it to the required folder you can then use the mod in Humankind. Launch the game and start the new game. For maps go to the configuration screen, and click on the map. The above process will help you to install custom maps in Humankind. We will be updating this guide soon with the best Humankind mods in the coming months. Modding has just started, and in the coming time we will be seeing more amazing mods for Humankind. Till then do not forget to go through the Humankind category section to read more latest tips and tricks on it.