How To Defeat Spider Boss BT At Port Knot City – Death Stranding

Tips to kill this huge BT

After reaching Port Knot City you will be face a boss BT that looks like a Spider summoned by Higg’s. This BT is quiet tough to take down but there is an trick to defeat it fast and proceed to the next Episode 3: Fragile of Death Stranding. In this boss fight guide you can learn how to defeat the boss BT in Death Stranding quiet easily, all you need is enough number of Hematic Grenades.

How to defeat the Boss BT at Port Knot City?

First go to the Delivery Terminal and drop down all your Cargo. Just carry Hematic Grenades, that is the best way to kill the BT. In my case I dropped everything and fabricated around 7 to 8 packs of Hematic Grenades each has 5. That is way too high, and there are also enough number of Hematic Grenades dropped once you are in the Boss fight. But just carry as much as possible, when you start walking towards the ship Higg will appear and summon the huge BT.

This is what you have to do, maintain a good distance like stand on the roof of floating buildings and throw Hematic Grenades on the BT boss continously. Do not wait for any openings, just throw one and second instantly and wait back for it to appear. You have to repeat this around two to three times and the boss BT will be finally defeated.

Hematic Grenade is the best explosive against the boss in Death Stranding, you have to find a good position to throw it. I picked roofs of building and started throwing multiple Grenades. It is pretty simple if you are not in the range of Boss attacks. Watch the video below to see how I killed the Port Knot City boss BT in Death Stranding.