How to Defeat Shadow Kaneshiro in Persona 5

Prasad More
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Persona 5 is one of the best JRPGs out there and ever since it was released people have been playing it non-stop. There are tons of characters that appear in the game and the boss fights can get serious if you aren’t ready. This guide will show you how to defeat Shadow Kaneshiro in Persona 5.

How to Defeat Shadow Kaneshiro in Persona 5

First off, you will need to free the shopping district of Shibuya from the minions of Shadow Kaneshiro. You can try grabbing one of the Null / Resist Physical demons that roam in the halls of Kaneshiro’s Metaverse bank.

They get low to absolutely no damages from physical attacks which will come in handy.

As you go inside the bank vaults of Kaneshiro’s Palace you will come face to face with Shadow Kaneshiro. This is one of the toughest battles in Persona 5 so do not underestimate this one.

Shadow Kaneshiro has two forms, phase 1 and phase 2 and both these phases are extremely dangerous.

You can use one of the many Oni Personas available in Kaneshiro’s Palace to nullify physical damage for Joker.

Piggytron will use Fire and Physical damage more often, Fear Gas will also be introduced. To counter it make sure that you bring Ryuji with a high Confidant rank to automatically remove fear status effects between turns.

After causing a certain amount of damage Piggytron will take its VIP form and start spinning after this Piggytron starts inflicting high physical damage to all party members.

Attacking Shadow Kaneshiro will help to stop the Piggytron. You will have to attack him on top of the robot but with enough damage before the two turns as Piggytron is spinning. This will avoid the high physical attack from happening.

Shadow Kaneshiro

Shadow Kaneshiro’s first form is in Bael form and is comparatively weak, he will try to instill fear on all party members and attack with a Curse Damage.

Make sure that when Kaneshiro’s health is very low that you heal up your party members as the second phase will be about to begin.

Piggytron Phase

This is the second and the most powerful phase, as Piggytron is a formidable opponent. Make sure that you inflict damage to Shadow Kaneshiro whenever he shows himself.

After a while Bael will exit and begin the Super VIP form, you will have to damage Shadow Kaneshiro enough to knock him down from the Piggytron and stop the spinning attack.

When the second Super VIP Form charge takes place, Mona will suggest distracting Shadow Kaneshiro with an expensive item. This is your opportunity to throw the shiniest and expensive item. This might distract Shadow Kaneshiro and he will be immobilized for two turns.

You can alternatively attack Shadow Kaneshiro and take him down, to damage Piggytron you will have to use Magic and Physical attacks equally.

This is all there is to know about how to defeat Shadow Kaneshiro in Persona 5. Check our other Persona 5 guides, tips, tricks and cheats only on Gamer Tweak.