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Dolan Boss Fight: How to Defeat Dolan in Trials of Mana Remake

Tips to defeat the Moon's magic

Trails of Mana Remake guide on how to beat Dolan, one of the Benevodons in the game. You will face him during the mission at Chartmoon Tower. Dolan is not tough to kill boss, along with his regular attack the boss relies on the moon’s magic. Dolan represents the Moon element in Trails of Mana Remake. Here is a guide on how to beat him, what are Dolan’s weakness and abilities.

How to beat Dolan Boss in Trails of Mana Remake?


You can target Dolan’s face, body, and arms. These can be considered as his weak points. It is important to plan your attack before approaching the boss. Dolan can be taken down easily if you plan your attack approach before hitting him. Along with attacking you will have to be ready to dodge away. Dolan can use a different type of attack types to take down its enemies. Like the Graviton Breath, in this Dolan can channel a moon element projectile on an enemy.

This is where you have to be ready to dodge away to survive in the battle. He can also slam to create a shock wave that shakes the ground. Dolan can use Moon Saber and Moon Call. In the second one he can summon moon and inflict death damage. If you are well aware of the different kind of attacks you can easily counter them and create a safe exit point.

For shock waves you will have to execute jump at the right time, or else you will lose health. When Dolan uses Moon Call attack take down the moon as quickly as possible to cancel the bosses charged attack. Ignore all the other targets in the field.


After defeating Dolan boss in Trials of Mana Remake you will earn 20000 EXP and 3900 Lucre Rewards. Using the right tactics and dodging away from the incoming projectile will help you to stay longer in the right. You can almost attack his front body parts and take this boss down easily.