How To Beat Basim In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Want to know how to defeat Basim in the AC Valhalla Basim fight? Check out these strategies.

In the AC Valhalla Basim fight, you need some tricks up your sleeve in order to defeat him. During A Brother’s Keeper, you will be tasked with confronting this member of the Hidden Ones and quite a powerful enemy. If you want to know how to kill Basim, check out this boss fight guide.

How to Defeat Basim in AC Valhalla (Basim Boss Fight)

You can defeat Basim in this boss fight in different stages. For that, you must know during which moments to attack him and which areas to hit. When Basim attacks you with his sword, make sure that you do the following things in Phase 1:

  • Attack Basim with arrows or melee weapons.
  • Dodge his ranged attacks and smoke bombs.
  • He will run on the upper ledge and jump on you. Dodge it and get some strikes in while also maintaining your health.

Soon enough, you will get a cinematic after Basim pins you down which will lead to the second phase of this Basim boss fight.

how to defeat basim assassins creed valhalla

Phase 2

During Phase 2 of the AC Valhalla Basim fight, you will see that the platform starts rising and Basim comes charging at you. Keep dealing damage as the platform goes up. When it stops moving, quickly shoot arrows at him. If you have dealt enough damage, you will get the prompt to perform a Stun Attack.

how to kill basim

Go for it and stun him. After that you will get a cutscene where Basim will use a smoke bomb and then tries to escape. You must follow him, climb structures, jump over gaps, collect food items for health and eventually you will come across another cutscene.

How to Beat Basim – Final Phase

how to beat basim ac valhalla

After the cutscene, the final phase of the boss fight will begin. Basim will charge at you with a glowing arm which is his weak spot. Remember to hit Basim when he is inside the circular region on the platform because that is how the cinematic triggers. Now go ahead and attack his arm with your arrows twice. He will then be weakened. Go near him and do a Stun Attack. Then, you will see a cutscene where his fate his revealed. Does he really get killed or something else happens? Well, you can play and find out as the story gets more interesting from here.

That’s everything you need to know about how to defeat Basim in AC Valhalla’s boss fight. If you need more help with other boss fight guides, we’ve got you covered. Check out our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla wiki page for more.